Vintage 201 - Selling at the Rutherford Labor Day Street Fair - Great Day, Great People, a little too hot but that didn't stop us or a true Vintage Fashionista!

We sold our goods at the Rutherford Street Fair and Had a Blast!

Here I am with my best Pal, Raul,,,Selling away at the Largest Labor 
Day Street Fair in New Jersey!  

Yes, this Labor Day was a Steamy Hot (90 degrees and HUMID) one but we toughed it out and met a lot of nice people and created happy customers.  

Actually, the night before, I received an email from a potential customer asking about buying a pair of 1950s Vintage Alligator Shoes from Saks Fifth Avenue that were being sold on my online shop, Vintage 201.  He said he wanted to try the shoes on before buying them and worked nearby my studio location. I wrote him back and mentioned that we would be selling at the Rutherford Street Fair.   
Ready for Happy Vintage Customers at the Rutherford Street Fair 9/1/2014.

Late that night after getting all the goodies ready, I somehow remembered to grab those shoes!  I hadn't planned on taking them only because I can only take so much.  I placed them in a Vintage valise (suitcase) and took them with me.  After unloading and setting up, I placed the valise under my display table to save for the potential customer.     

I wasn't sure if he would make it or not and I didn't hear from him.  Honestly, I forgot about them and went about the day chatting it up with all sorts of people that stopped by. 

Well, we just started to break down the shop at the end of this sauna of a day, a gentleman appeared out of nowhere and said, "Gina, I thought I would never find you today" and I was like,,uh, he doesn't look familiar, have I gone nuts? I don't remember him. Then, he said his name and it clicked!  It was the potential emailing customer from the night before. 

It turns out he drove all the way from Greenwich, Connecticut, which isn't that far from Rutherford, New Jersey, but on Labor Day!  I give him a lot of credit and he is a true Vintage Fashionista!!!  He said he was stuck in a lot of traffic and he didn't think he would find me in time but he LOVED the shoes and he left a happy (and steamy) customer!  

Thanks to the nice gentleman that knows good quality Vintage Shoes!  That was so cool of him to make the trip.  I just love it when my vintage hunting efforts can make another happy!  Yay! 

1950s Saks Fifth Avenue Alligator Loafers that were sold
at the Rutherford Street Fair.

Funny how things go around or come around.  I let him know that I bought those shoes from a mansion in Greenwich and even explained where it was and he said it was 2 blocks from his house.  Creepy, but true...the shoes that sat in that house for over 60 years found themselves right back up in the same it!

Thank you for reading and stay tuned for more information coming soon regarding 
Vintage 201 selling at the Manhattan Vintage Clothing Gentlemen's Show in NYC this September!  ~ Gina

p.s.  Thanks to all my friends Mark, Rich, Raul, Vinny, Tony, my sisters, mother and my husband for all your help and support!  I have the best people around me, xoxox 


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