Sexy! 1950s wooden Platform Mules with Golden Spike heels! Available soon! Size 6 1/2 Jewel Tone Originale Made in Italy! Great Pair of Shoes For Sexing it up, when the feelin's right!

C'mon, don't cha just LOVE these super sexy Platform Mules with Golden Spike Heels???  I do and so should you.  Ok,,only joking, I know everyone is entitled to their own style, but if you want a sexy one, well, here you Go!  Soon, they will be listed in my online shop Vintage 201 on Etsy.

I picked these babies up at an estate sale that took me forever to get to because I got lost...but was well worth it to find well made italian heels.  

When getting lost to the estate sale,  I saw this beautiful view of Paterson, NJ and New York City to the right, in the distance.   Getting lost has it's perks!
The house was loaded with many pieces of clothing but they weren't vintage enough (she wore a lot of leopard, my kind of gal) for me.  The house was filled with a really cool Spanish Revival Living Room set with burnt orange velvet cushions and heavy dark mahogany wood.  I would have snactched that up in a jiff if I had a warehouse to store it in, but anyway, back to the Sexy Shoes!

The daughter who inherited the house from her mother was watching me go through clothes and said that she admired that I took my time.  I let her know that I
was looking for vintage clothing and shoes from the 40s, 50s and 60s and since there was a large amount of contemporary clothing in her mother's closets and didn't want to miss a jewel of a gem hiding somewhere in there.   

With that, she disappeared then reappeared with these lovely white leather mules (pictured above) with the wood platform and the golden spike heel.  I actually ClAPPED my hands together...yes, I did, no lie and said, "Yay!".   

Just then, the daughter went into a flashback about her mother's shoes.  She  remembered seeing her mother wearing them as a child and knew her father was "getting laid" when they made an appearance.....yes, she actually said that.  I thought it was really cool knowing that these shoes evoke sexyness but, I wouldn't want to speak that way about my parents.  It is not because I am a prude, I am really far from it.  I just don't think I would want the vision that comes along with speaking about them in that kind of sexy fashion.  euueeewhaa, no way!  Well, maybe I am a prude!   

So, here's to the shoes and mother that had some sexy nights with her husband, I salute you,,as long as you aren't my parents.

Thank you for reading.  Check back for an update of my next Estate Sale adventure where I go to Connecticut to fish through the closets of a 95 year old woman.  ~  Gina 


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