Vintage Womens Frames, One of a Kind Cool Glasses! A Collection from a Woman that was able to obtain the American Dream in the 1940s!

I was fortunate enough to be able to pick up these lovely frames at an Estate along with other items ( vintage clothing, shoes, hats, jackets and purses) from this one particular woman that became a Doctor in the 1940s, which was practically unheard of in those days.  
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She also came from nothing and her mother was unable to support her and her siblings. She entered an orphanage when she was a teen. When she became of age, her mother was working in a home of a doctor that lived on 5th Avenue in Manhattan.  Her mother asked the Doctor for help in getting her a job and he suggested nursing school, which he helped her in some capacity.

She became a nurse but then eventually wanted to become a Doctor and did so.  

1950s Vintage Pale Yellow Bakelite Faux Bamboo Eyeglasses / Frames

She had these frames (below) along with others that were broke.  Some of the glasses that were damaged are not wearable, but others only need new arms. The frames themselves are in Excellent condition. I will be taking the broken ones to my local frame shop to see if we can salvage the rest of her beautiful collection.  It appears she saved them over the years and so glad she did since they are truly one of a kind nowadays and believe they can be recycled. 
Yay for recycling!

50s Sunglasses with Brown Circles & Stripes to simulate Bamboo

Take a look at these beauties that only need your prescription or they can be used as Sunglasses too.  You would just need to take them to your optometrist and wah la, your own One of a Kind Cool Glasses!    

1960s Womens Vintage Black Horn Cat Eye, Glasses / Frames

         60s Sunglasses by E.I. Made in France

1960s Italian Made Womens Vintage Tortoise Shell Bubble Sunglasses / Frames

60s Oversized glasses Very J.O. Made in Italy by USI

1970s Womens Vintage Tortoise Shell Frames, Made in France

         1970s Womens Vintage Bubble Frames

Well, that is all for now and soon they will all be up for sale in my Etsy shop, Vintage 201. 

Hope you enjoyed this collection from a Women that was able to obtain the American Dream in a time when Women weren't so in charge of their own destiny.

Thank you for reading and have a FAB night ~ Gina


  1. Super cool. Love a few of those! YAY for Women!

    1. Thank you for your comment Twozbotz! Yes, Yay for Women! Love that and the frames too!


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