Guys, Guys, Guys!! We got Guy's Stuff, Vintage Shoes,Frames and Vintage Silk Ties Part 2

Back in December, I blogged about finding some Vintage Treasures in an old Mansion. I have always sold Womens Vintage, but now, I stumbled upon the great taste of one Gentleman.  

I also obtained just as many items from his wife's closet as well.  So, I have plenty of work to keep me busy for a while.....but, for now, here is another round of items that have just been listed or will be listed on my Etsy Shop Site Vintage 201 soon! 

Hope you Enjoy these lovely items...  

1960s 1970s Mens Vintage White French Shriner Loafers, 10 1/2 D, 60s / 70s Breathable Dupont Corfam Poromeric uppers, Leather Insoles

1950s Mens Vintage French Shriner by Evans Shoes 50s Ripple Sole Oxfords, Dark Caramel Sz 11

Vintage 1940s Hand Tailored Silk Necktie in Magenta, Pink, 40s Valentine Tie with Stylized black Hearts and Green & Cream Leaves
1950s Black Horn Mens Frames / Glasses -Frame France ET


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