Hot to Trot! 1960s and 1970s mini dresses!

Oh how hot they are!   I have some new (vintage) 1960s and 1970s hot mini dresses!  

Take a Look!!!  

Late 1960s mini dress. Cream background with ornate designs in Purple, Orange, Green and Gold in a nylon knit (I believe so).

Another Late 1960s Mini, I think this is my favorite with the color combination and all the swirl.  This material is very soft and it might be a rayon but I am not sure. 

Here is a 1970s Poly Knit dress with Cowl neck.  Cute with geometric designs in one of my favorite combos, Pink and Red.   I have a number of these dresses in different colors and designs.   

I also have a a few more 60s mini dresses to list on my site on Etsy, so, this is just a sneek peek for now.  Soon all dress will be up in my Shop, so stay tuned for some really cool designs that are also hot to trot!  (oh so 70s! the hot to trot stuff).

Thanks for reading and have a fab day! ~ Gina


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