Hatsville and Lidsville! 1970s Vintage Wool Felt Hats and Vintage Saturday Morning TV Shows!!

An Adolfo hat in Navy Blue - Wool Felt with full Veil, Made in USA

Recently, I received a bunch of hats from a woman that held onto these lovely pieces from the 1970s.  Lucky me she did, because I can now offer them for sale.  

They are all Women's Wool Felt hats and one is Black Felt fur and my favorite!  The brands in this collection are:

  • Adolfo II, -  Adolfo Sardina, in 1948 began working in millinery at Bergdorf Goodman. His first label, Adolfo of Emme, was produced 1951-1958.  He started his own millinery in  1962 with money he borrowed from Bill Blass.  He would design some of his hats to compliment the clothing of Norman Norell in the 1960s.  He made cloths as well and by the 1980s, he was producing suits for ladies, which were worn Nancy Reagan. Adolfo retired in 1993.  Source: Vintage Fashion Guild 
  •  Makins for Neiman Marcus - Makins is still in business today and has a factory on 35th Street in Manhattan.   This company started in 1974 when the founder was unemployed and started making hats by hand in a one room, 4 story walk up apartment.  These lovely hats are still being made by hand and many celebrities just Love Makins.  To read more about Makins and to see new products, click here:  Makins     

  • Bloomingdales, Made in England - This is a beautiful black felt fur fedora hat that is just fabulous! It has a super soft velvety feel.    

Makins for Neiman Marcus - Brown Wool Felt Hat, with yellow and white feathers.

Makins for Neiman Marcus - Navy Blue Wool Felt Hat

Bloomingdale's Black Wool Felt Fur Hat- Made in England
Another Adolfo II Wool Felt hat with built in head scarf - Dark Brown  
For some strange reason, my mind always goes back to when I was a kid and some sort of Pop Culture reference.   Ok, I will be dating myself here, so I will include a video after I explain what I am talking about.  

I stared this post by calling it Hatsville because of all the hats I have here.  But, what I was really thinking was Lidsville.  The Sid and Marty Kroft TV creation that played on Saturday mornings in the 1970s. Yes, Vintage Saturday Morning Shows!  Lidsville was about Living Puppet Hats!!!  They lived in Lidsville with a crazy magician, Hoo Doo.  Which happens to be the great Charles Nelson Reilly.  I was originally in love with H.R. PufnStuf and I think that will always be my fav, but I really enjoyed all the other kooky shows these two created. 

Watching them now, I am like, ok, what the hell where they on and as a child, I didn't see anything wrong with it, not that I do now it is just so wacky!  Which I do Love!  I guess as children we are more accepting of things that are not the norm.  Of course when life gets tough, we all say we just want to be normal again.  Our own normal. I think it is always fun to see things through different colored eyes.  If you aren't familiar with what the hell I am blabbing about, look at this video below.   

The teen star in this show is Butch Patrick.  He also played Eddie from The Munsters and his side kick, a Genie played by Billie Hayes.  She was WhichiePoo on HR PufnStuf, and her character was much better, I think.   

Anyway, check out the opening song and some clips from the show Lidsville:

These beautiful hats will be available soon through my Etsy shop, Vintage 201.  Hopefully, they will live again once they find a new homes!   

Thank you for reading and have a Fab Day! ~ Gina 


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