Vintage Sparkly Thangs! Part II, Farrah Fawcett Jewelry Collection & Weiss Costume Jewelry!

Look at these fabulous Farrah Fawcett Rhinestone Beauties!!!!  
These Super Sparkly Glam earrings are just to die for. 

Farrah Fawcett Rhinestone Dangle Clip on Earrings - Circa 1989

In 1989, Farrah Fawcett, Elam and the Knickerbockers created MLF Enterprises to sell the Farrah Fawcett jewelry collection on Home Shopping Network.  My Aunt Terry bought these back then from HSN.  My Aunt always had a good eye for Glam! 

They are made very well from a material stand point.  The marquis rhinestones are prong set in a sturdy silver tone metal and the stones in excellent condition.  At the top is a beautiful floral design of 5 marquis rhinestones, then 7 more cascading down to create this old Hollywood Glamorous Style.  The box is nice too.  I love the camel color velvet with cream satin on the inside.  Farrah's name is embossed in Gold lettering. This set is like NEW!    

Farrah Fawcett is one of the significant iconic cultural figures that was known for her role on the television show Charlie's Angels in the 1970s and for her famous poster pose in a red bathing suit. 

I remember the show and watched it every week and I also remember that poster.  It was everywhere! I still have my 1977 Weekly Reader from grammar school with Farrah on the Cover riding a skate board.  Why I saved it, I will never know, but I guess I had the Farrah bug too!  

Another memorable role Farrah played was in  The Burning Bed.  

I thought she was so good in that production.  It was different role than what we had been used to.  Perhaps I will watch it again to see if it was that good.    

Oh and if you want to see a real Kooky documentary about Farrah and body painting, then you should pick up, Playboy: Farrah Fawcett, All of Me, a bit strange (which I love) but very entertaining!

The next set up for display is an older piece from the late 1950s. This Demi- Parure set is made by Weiss, a very well know costume jewelry maker and very collectible today. 

One big Round Rhinestone in the center of the brooch and the earrings then smaller rounds and large marquis stones.  These floral motif earrings and brooch are in excellent condition and in great working order.  Another piece that is like new and highly collectible too! 

Albert Weiss designed costume jewelry for Coro during the 1930s then left in 1942 to set up his own enterprise in New York City.  By the late 1940s his business started to thrive and some of his designs had been contracted out to  Hollycraft to keep up with demand.  Weiss also saw the decorative potential of using Aurora Borealis rhinestones that Swarovski developed with Christian Dior in 1950s.  The rhinestones were named after the glittering phenomenon of the Northern Lights.  Albert retires in 1960s and his son, Micheal takes over the business, unfortunately the company closed in 1971.

These two lovely Rhinstone gems will be posted in my Shop, Vintage 201 on  soon.  Hope you enjoyed the second installment of Sparkly Thangs!  

Thanks for reading and have a Fab night! ~ Gina


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