Vintage Sparkly Thangs! Part I

Ok,,,so, I just came across this Gold Sparkly Swim Suit by Cole of California.   This suit is just amazing, Gold Lame, with metal snap closures, adjusters and zipper too!

Super Glam and Super Sexy, even though it hosts a modesty panel, just where it needs to be, if you are a bit modest!

This Vintage 1950's Gold Lame Cole of California Swim Suit, Possibly designed by Margit Felligi, for Ester Williams.  Margit Felligi  was Cole of California's head designer who was a former theatrical designer,and was responsible for the Famous "Scandal Suit" in the 1960s.  She also Brought Hollywood Glamour to the swimsuit, which I couldn't (and many others) couldn't thank her enough!   

Check it out!

1950s Glam Gold Lame Swimsuit by Cole of California 
The other find is a 1960s Metallic Evening Dress!  Oh, my, look at this shimmering Numbah!  That's right, Numbah, not number.  

1960s Silver Metallic Evening Dress

1960s Silver Metallic Evening Dress

I found both of these Shiny gems in the same house, so both belonged to the same woman and I am happy to say, she only lived a few blocks from me.  I love finding beautiful things just around the is convenient and saves on gas.

Soon, both of these items and some more Vintage Saprkly Thangs will be posted to my online store Vintage201 on  

Thank you for reading and have a Fab evening!  ~ Gina


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