Oscar de La Renta: A Black Silk Chiffon Evening Gown that came my way.

I came across beautiful Black Silk Chiffon Oscar de La Renta gown practically by accident.   I wasn't doing anything in particular when I received a text from my cousin on a Saturday morning.  She was at a house sale and said there were some vintage dresses from the 50s there.  So, I got dressed and drove over to the house sale.

I didn't see any 50s dresses like she claimed and just assumed they were gone and so was she, so I couldn't ask her where she saw them.  

Looking at what was left behind, I found a dress that read "Marcias - North Bergen - Teaneck, NJ" which I found amusing.  I grew up in North Bergen and I do not remember this store that was most likely on Bergenline Ave.  Bergenline was the place to shop back in the days before malls.   The Stores on Bergenline ran from 32nd Street in Union City passed through West New York and Guttenberg and ran up to about where Hudson County Park Started on 76th Street.  I do remember a store called Little Marcy's but not Marcia's.

Front View

I asked my mother and she remembers this store. It was a dress shop.  I was up on Bergenline roaming the area (like every kid from the area did) from around 1975-76 into the early 90s.  So, this store must have been there before, which brings me to the reason for writing this particular article regarding the, Oscar de La Renta Gown!

Front View 
I believe that this dress was passed up because the "Marcias - North Bergen" Label must have been the first thing that everybody saw at first and not the "Oscar de La Renta" Label that was to the other side and not directly under it at all.   It is on the other side of the zipper and below the neckline.

Label showing "Marcia's North Bergen-Teaneck" and the "Oscar de La Renta" Label

There is not a Label for fabric content nor a Garment Care label which, leads me to conclude that this gown is pre 1971 since labels began that year.  I did find a Union Label which looking at the labels, this one dates prior to 1974 but after 1963, so maybe this is late 1960s.  

The outer layer or sheer overlay fabric may be a silk Chiffon with gold and silver painted flowers.  The under layer appears to be of 100% Silk in Black as well.   The belt has 2 hooks and there are 3 adjustable loops.  It is made of leather and the outside is has a Silk cover with thick Gold Metallic Vine-Like Design that is threaded.    

It is Collarless, zips up the back. The arms are not lined like the rest of the dress and have these really cool little snaps at the wrist.    

Soon, I will list this beautiful and luxurious gown! 

Thank you for reading, leave comments if you like.  Hope you have a FAB night! ~Gina


  1. i worked at Marcia's when I was in high school back in the '50's and college in early '60's. the store moved from North Bergen on Bergenline Ave. to Teaneck in the late '60's. It was indeed the place to shop. Very upscale, cutting edge fashion at the time. Marcia herself (a great friend of my mom's) was quite a character with her flaming red hair and outgoing personality. I loved my time in the store and loved Marcia and her husband Stanley Zimmerman. I learned a lot from both of them about business, pleasing customers and fashion, of course. Loved finding your article.

    1. Wow,,,what great information! I don't remember the shop at all but was happy to find this gown and that it was sold on favorite place to walk around and of course shop when I was a kid. I am sorry I didn't see this post earlier, I don't know why, but I just found it today and so glad you left this comment! Thanks for sharing!!!


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