Manhattan Vintage Clothing Show NYC! Nice Stuff,,,Nice People,,,Great Day!

The Manhattan Vintage Clothing Show is a great place to see everything Vintage!  I had the pleasure of scoping out the area with my sister, Toni, one of my best-est Friends, Rich and a great friend of mine, Gilda, I met her in class at NYU.  We both received our certificate in Appraisal Studies in Fine and Decorative Art.
Manhattan Vintage Show has another event coming up Soon! 

When we were kids, me, Rich and  my sister Toni would go to this vintage clothing store/antique shop nearby our house in Guttenberg, NJ .   They had a wide variety of vintage clothing and shoes.  We would buy pants, dresses, Pointy 50's heels, knit tops,,,and everything else you could think of.   At that time (1980s ok, so I am dating myself)  you were able to find all sort of items from the 20s through to the 60s.  I don't remember too much 70s items during that time.  It could have been that they were all still in the closets of people that weren't yet ready to let go of the past.   Their Fabulous 70s Past!  

Now, at the Fabulous Manhattan Vintage Clothing Show, there were plenty of 1970s goodies.  We found some really cool platform Buffalo Sandals that were on display and it brought me back to thinking about Thom McCan  Shoe Stores that were very popular and where you bought your Platforms, Clogs or Earth Shoes.   

I believe this photo is a redo of the original. 

We also found some really beautiful Alligator Platform shoes from the 1940s.   Alligator was used during war time since it wasn't a restricted material.   I was amazed at how many bags and shoes that were available at this show.   They were stunning and all in perfect condition.   

There were plenty of Furs at the show as it is to be very in this winter.   Many furs from the 1940s - 1980s.   I actually came across a beautiful soft beaver coat by Another Man's Treasure.  They are located in Downtown Jersey City on Grove Street.  The owner of the shop was very helpful and nice, plus she had this fabulous "New Look" black dress on that looked to be from the 1950s.   She was just adorable! 

I do have a number of Fur and Faux fur to be uploaded onto my site, Vintage 201 soon and in time for that snippy cold weather!  Better get my ass in gear, because it is now here!  Alright, I made a rhyme. 

Thank you for Reading and have a Super FAB Night!  ~ Gina

p.s. After the Manhattan Vintage Clothing Show, we went to the Limelight Marketplace which once was a Disco (that we worked at) that once was a Church! Well, it is still a church.  A beautiful Brownstone built in the 1800s.   I talk about that in my next Post! Stay tuned......ciao


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