Sex Pot Heels with Metal Tips and 2 great Vintage Hats!

Today was a good day for Surprise Treasures!   I only wanted to run out to The Fun Ghoul Store just up the street from me. I went with my mother, Fran and my 11 year old daughter.  The Fun Ghoul, which sounds like the Italian Curse word, (Funculo or Fungool) is kind of a dirty thing to say to someone. I had the pleasure of hearing my mother say that lovely word just about everyday, but anyway; The Fun Ghoul is a serious costume shop that has been there forever and my daughter needed some accessories to go with her Doctor's outfit for Holloweenie.  Ok, I couldn't help but put the ie at the end of Halloween, call me an adolescent teen, because most of the time, I am.     
The Fun Ghoul Window Display 

After a pleasant trip to the Fun Ghoul, I happened to see a Garage Sale. They didn't have anything good, plus the dude selling the crap was very anti-social....I said hello and he ignored me.  I guess he knows the secret to Garage Sale Sales.  I should have asked him for tips!  After leaving that depressing sale, we saw another.  The second one had 3 women all cheery and nice...and didn't have anything vintage but I picked up a Cloth Shower Curtain that was still in its original packaging for 50 Cents, Yippie!!! 

After leaving that one and just one block from my house, there was yet another Garage Sale.  This one was the best by far...they had some comic books, all sorts of Movies on DVDs and 2 Trim-line Phones.   As I was eyeing up the Trim-lines my mother calls me and shows me this lovely Black hat with a Pink & Red Petals on top!  Of course I snatched it out of my mother's hand to buy.  Then, I asked how much for the Trim-line phones, since I needed a new phone for an extension in my basement office.  They were only 50 Cents each. I bought both just in case one didn't work.  I am happy to report both phones work! 

Bell Atlantic & Radio Shack Trim-line Phones

Looking around I then found another hat which is a purple, wool felt, turban hat from the then famous Department Store Woodward & Lothrop in Washington DC.   Made by Duchess.    

Me wearing this Fabulous 1940's Felt I look silly or Pissed off? 

The other Hat my mother picked up is just so beautiful.  It is a 1950's Black Velvet Circlet type with a net veil and velvet Pink, Red and green pedals and a bit of tooling.   I just love this one.  The label is missing but it does have a Union Made label from the United Hatters, Cap, and Millinery Workers International Union.

LOVE this 1950's Circlet Hat with Netting and velvet Petals

And NOW for the Fabulous Shoes that I can not beleive that I found today as a Fluke!   Ok, so they don't really fit me, they are a bit tight, but here they are:

I believe these are early 50' to mid 50s because the toe is round and not pointy but has the Stilletto heel which pointy shoes came out in 1957.  These beauties are made with Black and Salmon Leather and the heels are 4 1/2 with Metal tips.  The Salmon part has Glitter and they also have leather soles.  I just think these are one of the Sexiest shoes ever.  I don't think these photos really do justice...but once they are on my site Vintage 201 you will know what I am talking about. 

Here is another shot of the side and they have an ankle strap too!

I just love these kind of days when you aren't expecting anything and then you find beautiful items and all within a few blocks from my house.....Great Day today and a Great day to rescue these sweet and sexy items from years of solitude!!!!  

Thanks for reading and Have a have a FAB evening! ~ Gina     


  1. I think you look like you might just be sneaking away.....

  2. Oh...I didn't think of that...yes, it does,,,but I still think I look silly!


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