A Beautiful Day at the Church Flea Market in West New York, NJ.

Today was the day that I packed up Vintage201 and took my store to West New York, NJ.   This was a Flea Market at a church that has been part of my family as early as 1934.   It was a super sunny day, which I love and there was not one cloud today.  The only problem was that we were in FULL Sun.   We didn't have any shade and we actually resorted to umbrellas.  A kind Gentleman by the name of Gino gave us a couple.   He was there buying gold.   He sets up shop all around in different locations and buys your unwanted gold or you can host a party.  He is from Princeton, NJ and company is   Thanks for the Umbrellas and the conversation today, Gino!
Mission Accomplished 

Ok, I didn't make a lot of money, but I also met a nice woman by the name of Yvonne.  She sells items but complains that she takes that money and spends it on other things while she is selling.   She tried on a nice suite ($50)that was brand new with tags and it looked great on her and a new Harvey Bernard ($2) wool winter coat.  I guess she did alright!  She met some people, sold stuff and got some great Bargains 

My Mother (Frances) in Charge !  Go Franny Go!

I would like to thank My Mother Fran for her super Senior Energized help.  I guess she loves doing projects now that her children are grown and doesn't have to think about anybody but herself.   She was totally into it and taking Charge!

Also, my lovely baby sister (that isn't a baby anymore) Helped out greatly today too and glad she was there so we can both roll our eyes while our mother was playing Sargent.   

The Set up with my Lovely sister Roxie in the background.
Thanks to my friends Rich and Bob for stopping by and for Mark for helping us load the items that we didn't sell back into my old Blazer.....that car always amazes me...I can stuff that thing and it takes me where I need to go.  So, thank you old car for being there for me after all these years.   

The Goods

A big Thank you goes out to my Aunt Donna for giving me a heads up about the Flea Market today and for donating  the Fee for the space.   

Thank you for reading and Have a FAB Evening! Gina 


  1. Very nice blog, Gina! It was a beautiful day indeed. Glad to have helped. Best of Luck to Vintage 201!! xxoo Roxie

  2. Thanks was a Fab Day!


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