Disco Dancing Lesson - Baccara: Yes Sir I Can Boogie

I had the pleasure of dinning at Joe's Crab Shack in Clifton, NJ where the food was tasty and the service was Spectacular. We had a very nice and adorable waitress. The staff was an assortment of Artsy types, which we loved. Every half hour or so, the music would get louder and the staff would stop whatever they were doing and break into a synchronized dance routine to the remixed tunes of 70's Dance Hits, The Hustle, by Van McCoy and Staying Alive by the Bee Gees. They were all into it except for one waitress that look like a dead fish just bobbing in the water lifelessly.

It got me thinking how my mother, a divorced single woman of the 70's would get all decked out on Friday or Saturday nights to go Disco Dancing with her gal pals and my aunts. They were divorced and raising their children alone too. We actually loved staying home watching Love Boat, then Fantasy Island and staying up really late and watching Don Kirshner's Rock Concert. They had taught me, my sisters and my cousins how to "Do the Hustle", "The Bump" and the "Bus Stop" which were the dance steps you needed to know on the Floor at that time.

So, I decided to search for some fun Disco videos of these dated dance numbers. During my quest, I found one of my favorite Dance Videos that I came across a few years ago.

This video is of an older couple from Finland that show you how to Disco Dance. It is kind of peak into my head when I would picture my mother and all the other Divorced happy people out dancing the night away. Ok, I was raised in Jersey, not Finland and there was a difference and I must say that they weren't as bad as these people, but this is what I would image their evening would look like.

This Disco Lesson video doesn't even look like anything I would see on Soul Train or even at the Teen Disco sessions we would go to on Saturday Afternoon at real night clubs. The lady instructor seems so rigid and actually when she sort of lets loose, it appears she wants to kick your ass. The dude is a little bit better with his swivel hips, but those dirty sneakers! What is up with that??? Where are his Patent Leather Loafers? The others. oh well, they just seem all up tight to me....

The song they mixed in this video is by Spain's Singing Sensation Baccara. They formed in the late 1970's and this song was a hit in Europe. The 2 girl group split in the early 80's when Punk and New Wave killed disco.

The original Video is narrated in Finish and gives you step by step instructions on how you can Disco Dance and after you watch this video, I bet you can say, "Yes Sir, I can Boogie"!

Have a Fab Disco Day and thank you for reading....Gina


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