Sexy or Silly? Tom Jones Sings the Beatles & that Bulge, again, it's "Not Unusual" now is it?

I have been on a Tom Jones Kick since I posted some videos of him in honor of his 71st Birthday back on June 7th here on my blog and I came across this Splendor!

Here, in a 1970 something video clip, Tom sings a very dramatic version of the famous Beatles Tune, "We can Work it out" in a Polyester (I think) Dandy! It has a super high waist and of course his Jewels are accentuated for everyone's Pleasure for sure! The top is textured and the cuffs are Pirate-Esque. He is also sporting those oh so popular 70s white patent leather loafers. The others are wearing Capezios because they are the REAL dancers. Some of the Dancers are wearing Jump Suits complete with Bell Bottoms in a Black and White Puzzle piece pattern. Which, I believe is suppose to mean something in relation to this silly concept of the Orange Puzzle on the floor that starts off with pieces missing then is completed by the end of the song. I guess, since Tom Jones Sings, "We can work it out" he works out the puzzle by dancing, singing and Sexing Up the Place with his non stop Sexy Man Moves.....oh, I feel like fainting.


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