Estate Sale Pickup! Vintage 1950's 1960s and 1980s Dresses, Vintage Earrings and Aluminum Cups!

Wow, I went to 2 separate Estate Sales this past Weekend and picked up 6 dresses, 3 blouses, Earrings and a set of 8 Aluminum Cups.  Funny, they were both in the same town but wound up going on 2 separate days because they had different start dates. Both Houses were Loaded with vintage Dishes, glass, vases, some very cool lamps and home decor but I try to stick to clothing and jewelry because I get so overwhelmed, I want to buy almost everything!   That is why I don't go to the mall much.   I always got overwhelmed with too many choices and want it all or don't want anything due to quality or price.  So, back to the Estate Sales Pickup!  As for the Dresses: 

A lovely 1950s Royal Blue Taffeta Cocktail Dress with a Metal Zipper and a Rhinestone Brooch that is shaped like a pair of wings. 
1950s Royal Blue Taffeta Cocktail Dress by Tobie New York
I do not think the Brooch is original to the dress as it is pinned on at the end of the faux waist sash.  I will be doing some research on that.  This is a Tobie New York Dress and it will be sent to the cleaners for a good cleaning.

I also picked a up a Password game, a la 1967 that I will be keeping and playing with Friends and Family. 

I remember watching the game show on TV with Betty White and her husband was the MC, Al Ludden.  If  you remember the Odd Couple TV Show, Felix and Oscar played a game on the famous game show and Felix was a complete Ninni as usual...this had to be one of my favorite Odd Couple Episodes ever...Here is a clip if you are interested.
The Password Is...... Side Tracked!

Looking from Left to Right, you will see all the dresses that were chosen during the Estate Sale Pickup and described below!

1980's but looking very 40s and Very Feminine, Pale Pink Lace evening dress with Large Iridescent Sequins placed throughout the dress sporadically, each with a White pearl in the center, shoulder pads, 2 tiered skirt and a Silky Poly built in Slip with spaghetti straps...perfect for a dinner or cocktail party. Dress Tag: Pat Richards by  Michael Maiello.  

1980s Pale Pink Lace w/Sequin Cocktail Dress

A 1960s Super Mod Hostess Dress. This is a Black Jump suit in a thick material of perhaps a Nylon blend, long Sleeves with a V neck and a cream color bow around the waist. The skirt is an overlay of  polyester in a Mod Floral print in Brown, Copper, Cream and off white which has a slit in the center for easy movement!  Its a Pant suit and a gown! So MOD! No Tags.

1960s Leo Narducci - Beautiful, Gold stretch long sleeve gown with rainbow sequins all through each and every inch of the Glam piece.  Collarless and ankle length..this fun and fabulous dress!

1960s Hostess Dress, Black "Rayon like" Material with Silver Metallic threading running through the fiber. This sparkly dress has long sleeves, collarless and zips up the front.  Sexy but still Functional while making sure everyone is having a grand time in your lovely home....No Tags.
1960s Hostess Dress, Black "Rayon like" Material with Silver Metallic
1960 Petty Hite Tan sheath dress with a sheer and eyelet over Satin

The Last Dress a Petty Hite Tan sheath dress with a sheer and eyelet overlay with satin of the same color underneath.  This dress has a metal zip in the back.  Very Cute and Sweet, nicely made too!

Carol Brent Crochet Blouse with a sheer backing and Black Sequins.  

Last, in the second Row is a nice Carol Brent Crochet Blouse with a sheer backing and Black Sequins. It is in excellent condition and great for an eveing out.

Below you will find the Earrings that I picked up that are from the 1960's and 1970s, cute Right?   The Silver tone earrings are Napier and Trifari and the others are unsigned but just as nice.   

1960's and 1970s Earrings, Wood, Plastic, Metal and Enamel

 In the other category of Home Decor, I picked up these really nice and non breakable Silver Aluminum cups with etched wheat stalks.  Love this type of Vintage Drinking cups as they keep all your cold drinks super cold plus they will not shatter or Break!  Perfect!
 Silver Aluminum cups with carved wheat stalks by West End Aluminum
All these items will be posted this week and Next week with priceing and more pictures to follow at Vintage 201 on   

Hope you Enjoy the finds and the Odd Couple Featured Video!  Thanks you for reading and watching! Have a Fab Day!!!...Gina 


  1. I know it is very pretty. I am dropping it off at the cleaners today. Then if all is fine, I will post it for sale. I will be posting the others on Etsy today and here too...

    Thanks for following and I will check out your blog and follow too!

    Best Regards and thank you for your comment.



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