Estate Sale Pickup Part II

Oh..I just realized that the title "Estate Sale Pickup" may sound like tips for picking up lustful people at Estate Sales....oh, wouldn't that be Rich?  

Anyway, I was able to get 3 of the 6 dresses posted on my Shop Site, Vintage 201 or you can click on the links under each dress to view a full description and more photos.

All priced $59.99 including FREE Shipping in the USA only 

So, here they are:

Vintage Leo Narducci Ambiance Golden Sequin Gown

Vintage 1950s Petty Hite Tan sheath dress Sheer Eyelet & Satin

Vintage 1980s Pat Richardson by Michael Maiello Pale Pine Lace & Sequin Party Dress
The 1950's Tobie New York Taffeta dress has been dropped off at the Cleaners and I hope that it perks up after a good sprucing....

Next up will be the Glittery Black and Silver Number, the 1970 Hostess Dress and finally, the 1950s Taffeta.  Thank you for reading and have a Fab Evening....Gina


  1. These are gorgeous! I was thinking of you this week as I found a vintage hamper that is A-DOR-ABLE! I thought "wait till vintage Gina sees this"- that's what I call you-hope you like it:) Seriously this thing is cute!

  2. You are cracking me UP! A Vintage Hamper, well that is funny, I fell asleep in one once as a kid playing Hide and go was such a good spot, my sister never found me. My mother did after running around thinking I ran out of the house... I like the New Name....Vintage Gina....and thanks for complimenting on the dresses!


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