1960s and 1970s Womens Clothing Polyester Explosion Part III

I have finally finish photographing and posting the last 3 pieces of Polyester Suits onto my shop, Vintage201

These last suits are all GREEEEN.  The first one a Lime Green, the 2nd one is a Mint Green and the last is a, well, just a Kelly Green that is a shade between the Lime and the Mint...I call it Super Green!   

Here is the Lime Green Poly Suit with a Jacket Top and Long Sleeves, I call this one Limeade.

This is a 1970s Vintage Poly Knit top and Pants in a Bright Lime green and Textured in a zig zap pattern! The Jacket top has a Pointy collar and 2 large Pockets on each side of the button which are gold tone metal. The cuffs each have 1 gold tone button each.

The Pants have an elastic waist band for comfort and stretch ability. Pretty and light, perfect for work or for attending a Tupperware Party!

The Polyester Hussy
This lovely ensemble, I named, The Polyester Hussy, is another 1970s Vintage Poly Knit top and Pants in a Mint green and textured with litle squares. Original tags shows this is a ILGWU Garment, by Sears.  Sleeveless and collarless with breast Darts.

Show your lovely curves in this pretty and light outfit. Perfect for work or a day event!

Super Green
 The last on the list that Inamed, Super Green is another 1970s Vintage Poly Knit top and Pants in a 70s Kelly green with printed white opened circles throughout. They kind of look like a lock. Original tags shows size 12 only. Sleeveless and collarless with breast Darts.  Show off your womanly body in this sweet little gem of a Jewel. Perfect for work or a day event!
All these lucious outfits are selling for only $23.99 usd Each and if you would like to see more Vintage Clothing, Shoes, Handbags, and Costume Jewlery, please stop by Vintage201 on Etsy! 

Thank you for browsing and have a Fab Evening!  Gina


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