1960s and 1970s Womens Clothing Polyester Explosion Part II

Vintage 1960s Jump Suit with Drop Waist, Poly Knit Skirt/Short Combo and Nylon Top that is checkered in brown white and Red. This get up is a combination of Comfort and Practicality!

Collarless, 3 buttons sewn on as decoration going down and Sleeveless. The Cute Skort / Coolots is all in white. Looks like a skirt, but it is Shorts with a flap = Skort!

In Part II of the Polyester Explosion, Vintage 201 will feature:

A lovely Skort Jumper outfit that is very particular! With the built in shorts, you do not have to be careful. No need to keep your legs crossed and you can bend over without worry! Just $29.99 at 
Vintage201 on

A number of Leisure Poly Pant Suits that Mrs. Brady would kill for!

Actually, I think they should bring them back!  Especially for the Work Place. They are comfortable, washable, no Ironing needed and really show your curves.  Ok, I am sure most people would want to gag at the thought of wearing a complete Polyester Ensemble, but with living in a Super Fast Age, who wouldn't want ready to wear, no trips to the Dry Cleaner Practical suits and sheath dresses??       

Very Carol Vintage 1972 Two Piece Poly Knit Suit and so comfortable
1970s Vintage Poly Knit top and Pants is something Mrs. Brady would have Love! Original tags. Dated 1972 from Ohrbach's Newark, New Jersey with the original Price Tag and Receipt! The Jacket top has a Pointy collar which is outlined with white stitching that was oh so popular of the time.
Available for  $23.99 at Vintage201 on

Vintage 1970s Two Piece Poly Knit Leisure Suit in Graham Cracker Crust
1970s Vintage Poly Knit top and Pants is very beige and reminds me of Graham Cracker Crust for that Chocolate Pudding Pie! The Jacket top has a Pointy collar which also features black criss cross stitching. The stitching continues down along each side of the Faux Pocket Flaps and the Belt with Gold Tone Buckle. The Buttons are Gold tone metal as well. . This is a pull over Top.   Only $23.99 at Vintage201 on Etsy.

All are Machine Washable and could be hung to dry or set low in the dryer.

If you like these, I do have More Poly Suites to come.  For now, have a Fab night!  Thanks for reading!  Gina


  1. Oh how fun! I love vintage! Just came over from linked in and so glad to have found some cool new blogs to visit! Come visit sometime!

  2. Thank you and Yes, Vintage is fun, for me too! Just checked out your Page and followed! are so talented! I wish you lots of Luck!


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