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Thursday, March 12, 2015

Vintage Video: Vintage 1970s - When you can't be with him, be in his mind, be a mindsticker,,,he wants you with a good shape..Shape with Tab, Tab can help you stay in his mind...oh,,,ok, if you say so, but I just don't buy it..this Vintage Diet Cola commercial is very odd.

This commercial always freaked me out! I don't remember it as a child and only stumbled upon this lovely 70s treasure about 5 years ago and kept watching it in disbelief. I mean, this is just weird and to think, this was very real.  Could you imagine that any woman would drink Tab just so her husband would magically think of them all day and then scamper on home to get down and busy?  

I guess the people that created this sexest vid must have know a few dudes that were stepping out on their wives and decided to capitalize on it!  You see, if you gained weight and your husband wasn't attracted to you any longer, it would be your fault because you didn't drink Tab!  Like the commercial says,,he wants you to have a good shape, don't you want a good shape???  

Check out the video below,,it isn't long and well worth the shock of how far we have come. AS women, we still need to do more, but so glad our minds aren't stuck in the 70s. Now, our shoes and clothing stuck in the 70s is such another topic and an expression of moving away from these rules and regulations that were set for women and men.

Vintage 201 New Listings on Etsy! Vintage 1950s Gene Shelly's Head to Toe Sequin Gown, 1950s Harvey Berin Black Cocktail Dress and 1940s Vintage Black Lilli Ann Jacket

Vintage 201 has some really cool new additions to the shop! Take a look at what's New!!!!

Yes!!!!!  This is just FABULOUS!  I don't know about you, but my favorite color is black (with Rhinestones anything of course) when it comes to evening Dressing but SEQUINS can Trump my old Black ways...Especially this amazing Sequin Stretch Gene Shelly's Boutique Internationale Wool Dress from Head to Toe!  Hmmm, what shoes would you wear with this lovely gown?  Clear? Silver, White??

 Sequin Stretch Gene Shelly's Boutique Internationale Wool Gown

Get a load of this Black Beauty!  Just Stunning in All Silk - 1950s Cocktail Dress by Harvey Berin designed by Karen Stark.  This would look Gorgeous with Rhinestone accessories for the Ultra Glam Gal.  

Black and Beautiful Vintage1950s Harvey Berin Wiggle Dress

Beautiful design and lined in Rayon and in Excellent Condition.
This Jacket will look FAB with a Black Pencil Skirt and a pair of High Boots either with a chunky heel or Stiletto!  Lilli Ann was one of the Top Suit and Coat makers of it's time.  Quality and Design were their priorities.

1940s Lilli Ann Wool Jacket with Peplum and Nipped Waist

More Super Lovely Vintage Items for Women and Men coming soon!  We have over 600 pieces (collectively) of Vintage Clothing, Shoes, Ties, Bags to offer and we just can't wait to get working this spring in summer to bring you the best Quality, Style and Value.  

Thank you for Reading!    ~  Gina