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Monday, June 10, 2013

Woofstock 2013 - Newark, New Jersey - June 15

This Post was originally submitted on April 24, 2013.

If you are in the NY /NJ Metro area, love Dogs, Music and would like have some fun, please come to WOOFSTOCK in Newark on  Bruen St. between Lafayette and Green streets.  This is an event that helps to  support the Friends of the Newark NJ Animal Shelter.  There will be Vendors, Music and the event is presented by   

Hell's Kitchen, a cool bar located at 150 Lafayette St. in Newark.  The Prudential Center is just up the street and Newark Penn Station is nearby, so it is very accessible by Train or bus. The event starts at 12 Noon and runs until 2:30am, after all it is a bar  that is hosting the event! 

Outside Hell's Kitchen

The bar at Hell's Kitchen

I  signed up to be a vendor along with my pal Mark.  He will be selling his fabulous greeting cards that he creates himself.  They will be dog themed and other animals too.  Mark has his own web site called Cake and Card Duo.  He makes the cards and his husband, Raul, makes the Cakes!  

Here is a sample of Mark's beautiful cards, they are truly amazaing!

I  might see some friends at the event.   I will be offering fabulous vintage items.  They are looking for vendors that are animal related, which I am not, but I am an animal lover!  Woof Woof!

Thanks for reading!  Have a Fab Day ~ Gina    

Friday, June 7, 2013

Vintage 201: Tom Jones' Birthday & his Bulge!

Tom Jones and Raquel Welch - Rock 'n' Roll... by SarayaDawnSirTomJones
Today, 1970's Sex Symbol, Entertainer and Power Vocalist, Tom Jones, turned 73 years old.  I loved watching his show in the 70s when I was kid and I wrote about his birthday 2 years ago.  

So, here it is again for another go around, a super cool 70s video featuring Tom Bulge, ah,,,I mean Tom JONES with Tina Turner!!!!  Oh Yeah!   Happy Birthday Tom! xoxo

This post was originally submitted on June 7, 2011

Today, 1970's Sex Symbol, Entertainer and Power Vocalist, Tom Jones, turned 71 years old. I loved watching his show in the 70s when I was about 5 or 6 and I wanted to celebrate by posting a Video of him.  I searched through numerous videos and Loved many of them, but the best ones I figured were too long (over 2 minutes) to have others stop by, click and watch.

I picked this one, because I really love Raquel's Hair Do, Jump Suit and her oh so Groov”n Moves! Her singing isn't that great but what the hell...she is Raquel! Oh, that rhymes.

The others I wanted to post because of the Bulge on this Man!  It is just unbelievable.

But, Wait! I remember those days, when men would sport "it" in tight jeans or Polyester pants....and to think, I was a kid, eye level to all the bulges! You just don't see this anymore...So, today is not only a Celebration of Tom's Birthday, it is also a Celebration of The 70's Bulge, the Fashion Accessory for Men.

If you have 2 1/2 (it shows over 4 minutes but stops at 2:43) more minutes to spare, check this Video with Tom Jones and Tina Turner.

I love the color shirt and the style Tom is wearing and check out those high waist pants! He had some body and some, well, you know.  As for Tina's ensemble, I really Like this Sparkly dress with the high cut to show her Fabulous leg and the color is almost the same as the Raquel dress in the Video Above, sort of a Root Beer.  

This video is a great piece of Pop Music History, seeing these two together! I have actually seen Tina at Radio City Music Hall in 1994 and Tom in Atlantic City around 1995.  I had a great time and enjoyed both their shows.

Ok, I hope you enjoy the Fashion, the Music and of course,,,(don't be shy) The 70s Bulge!

 Thank you for reading and watching too! Have a Fab Day,,,Gina

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Hot to Trot! 1960s and 1970s mini dresses!

Oh how hot they are!   I have some new (vintage) 1960s and 1970s hot mini dresses!  

Take a Look!!!  

Late 1960s mini dress. Cream background with ornate designs in Purple, Orange, Green and Gold in a nylon knit (I believe so).

Another Late 1960s Mini, I think this is my favorite with the color combination and all the swirl.  This material is very soft and it might be a rayon but I am not sure. 

Here is a 1970s Poly Knit dress with Cowl neck.  Cute with geometric designs in one of my favorite combos, Pink and Red.   I have a number of these dresses in different colors and designs.   

I also have a a few more 60s mini dresses to list on my site on Etsy, so, this is just a sneek peek for now.  Soon all dress will be up in my Shop, so stay tuned for some really cool designs that are also hot to trot!  (oh so 70s! the hot to trot stuff).

Thanks for reading and have a fab day! ~ Gina