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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

1960s Vintage Rose Marie Reid Bathing Suit and Goldworm Mod Wiggle Skirt set and Dress!

Here are some of the new Items to be added to the shop Vintage201.etsy.com !
The Rose Marie Reid Bathing Suit and the Goldworm outfits are in Excellent Condition!

The Bathing suit is black with white stripes and sports a built in Bra...Made In the USA ..Yay!

This Spectacular skirt and top set is rich in colors of Purple, Vegas Gold, Green, Blue, Pink and Coral...and the Mod design is just Fabu! This delicious number was made in Italy!


Another Goldworm outfit in Red White and Blue Floral Design, just in time for the 4th of July.

This lovely dress comes with a belt as you can see at the picture to the left and without the belt to the right...light weight material and made in Italy Too!     


These 3 items and more will be posted for purchase soon! Have a Fab night and Thank you for reading. Gina

View more More photos at flickr 

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Christian Dior, Malcom Starr, Bonwitt Teller, Hanae Mori, Lord & Taylor, Goldworm and more!

I have a lot of work to do!  Photographing and posting my new inventory to my Shop on Etsy Vintage 201.

I came across a 1950s Christian Dior Black Satin Cloche Style with Black Beads and lined with Grosgrain. I was immediately drawn to this Stunning Chapeaux.  You can see a glimpse of it here on the left.

The next hat on the right is a 1950s Black Ostrich Feathers with a Satin Gold Bow and a Velvet Magenta Rose with Green pedals.  This lovely hat is trimmed in velvet and was made by Vincent Harmik for Bonwitt Teller.  
The hat in the center is a 1940s Black Velvet Beauty.  This Hat is has a black veil and a gorgeous Rhinestone Bow by Atelier Lucas made in England For Lord & Taylor.  It is a structured turban style and I just adore this hat!  I know you can not really see the shape of these hats, but once photographed separately and posted, you will be able to see their style and beauty.  

Today's collection also includes a silver Leather Evening Clutch with Rhinestone trim and Clasp.  It includes a mirror and change purse made by Mr. Jay.  The other 2 bags are both made in Italy.  One is a white rattan with Lucite trim and clasp by Olympic and the other is a soft leather in Blue and made for Bloomingdale's.     

The 2 pairs of Pointy Stilettos shoes are both Early 1960s and are size 7.  The pair on the left is made with Black Material and black Crystals and the pair on the right is  Black Pony Hair.  They both have leather soles, insoles.  These pumps are very well made, Beautiful and sexy!  Pointy shoes like these are my all time FAVS!!    

If you like sparkly dress, well you just love this pretty and quality made 1960s Malcolm Starr Cocktail brocade sheath dress in white.  It is has tons of sparkly rhinestones, beads and sequins!  Oh, and  2 Very cool and mod 1960s Gloldworm outfits and one very colorful abstract, Polyester Knit, Hanae Mori pant suit, also from the 60s.  I can't wait to photograph them in a group and post them as soon as possible so, if you are interested, check back to see the lovely finds or Contact me.    

Thank you for reading!  Gina

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Sexy or Silly? Tom Jones Sings the Beatles & that Bulge, again, it's "Not Unusual" now is it?

I have been on a Tom Jones Kick since I posted some videos of him in honor of his 71st Birthday back on June 7th here on my blog and I came across this Splendor!

Here, in a 1970 something video clip, Tom sings a very dramatic version of the famous Beatles Tune, "We can Work it out" in a Polyester (I think) Dandy! It has a super high waist and of course his Jewels are accentuated for everyone's Pleasure for sure! The top is textured and the cuffs are Pirate-Esque. He is also sporting those oh so popular 70s white patent leather loafers. The others are wearing Capezios because they are the REAL dancers. Some of the Dancers are wearing Jump Suits complete with Bell Bottoms in a Black and White Puzzle piece pattern. Which, I believe is suppose to mean something in relation to this silly concept of the Orange Puzzle on the floor that starts off with pieces missing then is completed by the end of the song. I guess, since Tom Jones Sings, "We can work it out" he works out the puzzle by dancing, singing and Sexing Up the Place with his non stop Sexy Man Moves.....oh, I feel like fainting.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Estate Sale Pickup Part II

Oh..I just realized that the title "Estate Sale Pickup" may sound like tips for picking up lustful people at Estate Sales....oh, wouldn't that be Rich?  

Anyway, I was able to get 3 of the 6 dresses posted on my Shop Site, Vintage 201 or you can click on the links under each dress to view a full description and more photos.

All priced $59.99 including FREE Shipping in the USA only 

So, here they are:

Vintage Leo Narducci Ambiance Golden Sequin Gown

Vintage 1950s Petty Hite Tan sheath dress Sheer Eyelet & Satin

Vintage 1980s Pat Richardson by Michael Maiello Pale Pine Lace & Sequin Party Dress
The 1950's Tobie New York Taffeta dress has been dropped off at the Cleaners and I hope that it perks up after a good sprucing....

Next up will be the Glittery Black and Silver Number, the 1970 Hostess Dress and finally, the 1950s Taffeta.  Thank you for reading and have a Fab Evening....Gina

Monday, June 13, 2011

Estate Sale Pickup! Vintage 1950's 1960s and 1980s Dresses, Vintage Earrings and Aluminum Cups!

Wow, I went to 2 separate Estate Sales this past Weekend and picked up 6 dresses, 3 blouses, Earrings and a set of 8 Aluminum Cups.  Funny, they were both in the same town but wound up going on 2 separate days because they had different start dates. Both Houses were Loaded with vintage Dishes, glass, vases, some very cool lamps and home decor but I try to stick to clothing and jewelry because I get so overwhelmed, I want to buy almost everything!   That is why I don't go to the mall much.   I always got overwhelmed with too many choices and want it all or don't want anything due to quality or price.  So, back to the Estate Sales Pickup!  As for the Dresses: 

A lovely 1950s Royal Blue Taffeta Cocktail Dress with a Metal Zipper and a Rhinestone Brooch that is shaped like a pair of wings. 
1950s Royal Blue Taffeta Cocktail Dress by Tobie New York
I do not think the Brooch is original to the dress as it is pinned on at the end of the faux waist sash.  I will be doing some research on that.  This is a Tobie New York Dress and it will be sent to the cleaners for a good cleaning.

I also picked a up a Password game, a la 1967 that I will be keeping and playing with Friends and Family. 

I remember watching the game show on TV with Betty White and her husband was the MC, Al Ludden.  If  you remember the Odd Couple TV Show, Felix and Oscar played a game on the famous game show and Felix was a complete Ninni as usual...this had to be one of my favorite Odd Couple Episodes ever...Here is a clip if you are interested.
The Password Is...... Side Tracked!

Looking from Left to Right, you will see all the dresses that were chosen during the Estate Sale Pickup and described below!

1980's but looking very 40s and Very Feminine, Pale Pink Lace evening dress with Large Iridescent Sequins placed throughout the dress sporadically, each with a White pearl in the center, shoulder pads, 2 tiered skirt and a Silky Poly built in Slip with spaghetti straps...perfect for a dinner or cocktail party. Dress Tag: Pat Richards by  Michael Maiello.  

1980s Pale Pink Lace w/Sequin Cocktail Dress

A 1960s Super Mod Hostess Dress. This is a Black Jump suit in a thick material of perhaps a Nylon blend, long Sleeves with a V neck and a cream color bow around the waist. The skirt is an overlay of  polyester in a Mod Floral print in Brown, Copper, Cream and off white which has a slit in the center for easy movement!  Its a Pant suit and a gown! So Cool..so MOD! No Tags.

1960s Leo Narducci - Beautiful, Gold stretch long sleeve gown with rainbow sequins all through each and every inch of the Glam piece.  Collarless and ankle length..this fun and fabulous dress!

1960s Hostess Dress, Black "Rayon like" Material with Silver Metallic threading running through the fiber. This sparkly dress has long sleeves, collarless and zips up the front.  Sexy but still Functional while making sure everyone is having a grand time in your lovely home....No Tags.
1960s Hostess Dress, Black "Rayon like" Material with Silver Metallic
1960 Petty Hite Tan sheath dress with a sheer and eyelet over Satin

The Last Dress a Petty Hite Tan sheath dress with a sheer and eyelet overlay with satin of the same color underneath.  This dress has a metal zip in the back.  Very Cute and Sweet, nicely made too!

Carol Brent Crochet Blouse with a sheer backing and Black Sequins.  

Last, in the second Row is a nice Carol Brent Crochet Blouse with a sheer backing and Black Sequins. It is in excellent condition and great for an eveing out.

Below you will find the Earrings that I picked up that are from the 1960's and 1970s, cute Right?   The Silver tone earrings are Napier and Trifari and the others are unsigned but just as nice.   

1960's and 1970s Earrings, Wood, Plastic, Metal and Enamel

 In the other category of Home Decor, I picked up these really nice and non breakable Silver Aluminum cups with etched wheat stalks.  Love this type of Vintage Drinking cups as they keep all your cold drinks super cold plus they will not shatter or Break!  Perfect!
 Silver Aluminum cups with carved wheat stalks by West End Aluminum
All these items will be posted this week and Next week with priceing and more pictures to follow at Vintage 201 on Etsy.com   

Hope you Enjoy the finds and the Odd Couple Featured Video!  Thanks you for reading and watching! Have a Fab Day!!!...Gina 

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Tom Jones' Birthday & his Bulge!

Tom Jones and Raquel Welch - Rock 'n' Roll... by SarayaDawnSirTomJones

Today, 1970's Sex Symbol, Entertainer and Power Vocalist, Tom Jones, turned 71 years old. I loved watching his show in the 70s when I was about 5 or 6 and I wanted to celebrate by posting a Video of him.  I searched through numerous videos and Loved many of them, but the best ones I figured were too long (over 2 minutes) to have others stop by, click and watch.

I picked this one, because I really love Raquel's Hair Do, Jump Suit and her oh so Groov”n Moves! Her singing isn't that great but what the hell...she is Raquel! Oh, that rhymes.

The others I wanted to post because of the Bulge on this Man!  It is just unbelievable.

But, Wait! I remember those days, when men would sport "it" in tight jeans or Polyester pants....and to think, I was a kid, eye level to all the bulges! You just don't see this anymore...So, today is not only a Celebration of Tom's Birthday, it is also a Celebration of The 70's Bulge, the Fashion Accessory for Men.

If you have 2 1/2 (it shows over 4 minutes but stops at 2:43) more minutes to spare, check this Video with Tom Jones and Tina Turner.

I love the color shirt and the style Tom is wearing and check out those high waist pants! He had some body and some, well, you know.  As for Tina's ensemble, I really Like this Sparkly dress with the high cut to show her Fabulous leg and the color is almost the same as the Raquel dress in the Video Above, sort of a Root Beer.  

This video is a great piece of Pop Music History, seeing these two together! I have actually seen Tina at Radio City Music Hall in 1994 and Tom in Atlantic City around 1995.  I had a great time and enjoyed both their shows.

Ok, I hope you enjoy the Fashion, the Music and of course,,,(don't be shy) The 70s Bulge!

Thank you for reading and watching too! Have a Fab Day,,,Gina

Monday, June 6, 2011

1960s and 1970s Womens Clothing Polyester Explosion Part III

I have finally finish photographing and posting the last 3 pieces of Polyester Suits onto my Etsy.com shop, Vintage201

These last suits are all GREEEEN.  The first one a Lime Green, the 2nd one is a Mint Green and the last is a, well, just a Kelly Green that is a shade between the Lime and the Mint...I call it Super Green!   

Here is the Lime Green Poly Suit with a Jacket Top and Long Sleeves, I call this one Limeade.

This is a 1970s Vintage Poly Knit top and Pants in a Bright Lime green and Textured in a zig zap pattern! The Jacket top has a Pointy collar and 2 large Pockets on each side of the button which are gold tone metal. The cuffs each have 1 gold tone button each.

The Pants have an elastic waist band for comfort and stretch ability. Pretty and light, perfect for work or for attending a Tupperware Party!

The Polyester Hussy
This lovely ensemble, I named, The Polyester Hussy, is another 1970s Vintage Poly Knit top and Pants in a Mint green and textured with litle squares. Original tags shows this is a ILGWU Garment, by Sears.  Sleeveless and collarless with breast Darts.

Show your lovely curves in this pretty and light outfit. Perfect for work or a day event!

Super Green
 The last on the list that Inamed, Super Green is another 1970s Vintage Poly Knit top and Pants in a 70s Kelly green with printed white opened circles throughout. They kind of look like a lock. Original tags shows size 12 only. Sleeveless and collarless with breast Darts.  Show off your womanly body in this sweet little gem of a Jewel. Perfect for work or a day event!
All these lucious outfits are selling for only $23.99 usd Each and if you would like to see more Vintage Clothing, Shoes, Handbags, and Costume Jewlery, please stop by Vintage201 on Etsy! 

Thank you for browsing and have a Fab Evening!  Gina

Saturday, June 4, 2011

1960s and 1970s Womens Clothing Polyester Explosion Part II

Vintage 1960s Jump Suit with Drop Waist, Poly Knit Skirt/Short Combo and Nylon Top that is checkered in brown white and Red. This get up is a combination of Comfort and Practicality!

Collarless, 3 buttons sewn on as decoration going down and Sleeveless. The Cute Skort / Coolots is all in white. Looks like a skirt, but it is Shorts with a flap = Skort!

In Part II of the Polyester Explosion, Vintage 201 will feature:

A lovely Skort Jumper outfit that is very particular! With the built in shorts, you do not have to be careful. No need to keep your legs crossed and you can bend over without worry! Just $29.99 at 
Vintage201 on Etsy.com

A number of Leisure Poly Pant Suits that Mrs. Brady would kill for!

Actually, I think they should bring them back!  Especially for the Work Place. They are comfortable, washable, no Ironing needed and really show your curves.  Ok, I am sure most people would want to gag at the thought of wearing a complete Polyester Ensemble, but with living in a Super Fast Age, who wouldn't want ready to wear, no trips to the Dry Cleaner Practical suits and sheath dresses??       

Very Carol Vintage 1972 Two Piece Poly Knit Suit and so comfortable
1970s Vintage Poly Knit top and Pants is something Mrs. Brady would have Love! Original tags. Dated 1972 from Ohrbach's Newark, New Jersey with the original Price Tag and Receipt! The Jacket top has a Pointy collar which is outlined with white stitching that was oh so popular of the time.
Available for  $23.99 at Vintage201 on Etsy.com

Vintage 1970s Two Piece Poly Knit Leisure Suit in Graham Cracker Crust
1970s Vintage Poly Knit top and Pants is very beige and reminds me of Graham Cracker Crust for that Chocolate Pudding Pie! The Jacket top has a Pointy collar which also features black criss cross stitching. The stitching continues down along each side of the Faux Pocket Flaps and the Belt with Gold Tone Buckle. The Buttons are Gold tone metal as well. . This is a pull over Top.   Only $23.99 at Vintage201 on Etsy.

All are Machine Washable and could be hung to dry or set low in the dryer.

If you like these, I do have More Poly Suites to come.  For now, have a Fab night!  Thanks for reading!  Gina

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Vintage Clothing | 1960s Pop Fashions

Check out this video showing some Way Out Looks from the 1960s. This clip of the models dancing remind me of my mother and other female relatives at a family gathering cutting up some Rug and trying to girate to the beat in an awkward kind of way. My sisters and cousins would get so embarrassed, now, I do it to my own kids but on purpose. Hope you enjoy this Super Hip and Grooovey Vid! Have a Fab Day! Gina