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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Enid Collins "Wise Guys" Wooden Box - Just came my way!

What can I say??? This bag is simply Beautiful and in GREAT condition and priced right at $87.  The only Problem with this bag is that there are some Rhinestones missing from the "Wise Owls" eyes.  Out of 8 there are only Two.   With brass hardware and clasp. This box bag in a dark wood stain has one large owl and 3 smaller owls outlined in black sitting on a tree branch.

The background in painted in a greenish gold and the "ec" with the copyright insignia is beneath it on the lower left side of the bag. The closure is black leather and inside is a round mirror. Handle made of plastic.

This bag came with an original shipping card board box to the store which is pictured here. The front says “Road Runner” and the number 11204A, which may not be this bag's original Box. The back of the box reads “this protective shipping carton is designed to insure that Collins of Texas Original Box Bags reach your receiving room in perfect condition” ...and it says more about protecting before displaying.

Also, inside reads: Enid Collins' Original Box Bag by Collins of Texas with the Sun Face.

This vintage bag is in great condition and show slight wear. The clasp and the hinge works just fine and 6 out of 8 rhinestones are missing. Other than that, this bag shows normal signs of wear, but still in great shape.....all for just $87.00

For more information Go to Vintage 201

About Enid Collins and Collins of Texas: 
The following is taken from the Enid Collins Collection Blog, where you can find a collection of bags that people have posted for all to in enjoy. This portion regarding Collins of Texas was taken from a tri-fold brochure about the history of the company at the time it was printed then posted on April 05, 2010 by Christian Collins 
The famous Collins of Texas trademark and Enid Collins signature are the hallmarks of distinction for what has become the most exciting fashion accessory in America. The jeweled totes and box bags which have acquired an international clientele are produced right here in the Hill Country of Texas--at the original plant in Medina and the newest plant in Fredericksburg.

Enid Collins has been designing handbags for 22 years for the firm, Collins of Texas, which she and her husband, Frederic Collins who is now president and general manager, founded after moving to a Texas Hill Country Ranch immediately following World War II. Both were craftsmen. Enid had studied costume design while working for a fine arts degree at Texas Woman's University. Frederic was an engineering draftsman whose hobby was animal sculpture.

Combining their talents, they made some leather handbags, all hand-dyed and stitched, with ornamental brass closures sculptured by Frederic. The living room of their ranch house soon became a leather workshop as they filled special orders for friends and supplied the small shops at nearby dude ranches.............This is part one and you can find more information at the http://www.enidcollinscollection.com/ 

Enid Collins 1960s Wooden Box "Wise Guys"

Friday, April 15, 2011

1960s Silver and Gold Glam Bags! Just listed......

Silver Foil and Gold Metallic Glamour Evening bags have just been listed.  There are 2 different Gold color bags.   
One is more of a yellow color and the other is a Vegas Gold with a cute ruffle top along the opening. 
For the Silver Foil bags, one is an Envelope Clutch and the other has a Rhinestone Clasp. 
The one Silver Foil Bag is priced at $13. because some of the foil has warn away but only on the side and in the fold of the bag where it isn't to noticeable.

The others are in Excellent condition and the Yellow Gold bag has a small stain.  It shows up very well on camera but it isn't that noticeable especailly at night, it wouldn't be noticeable at all.  

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Ferragamo Black Pumps, Vintage Hat and a 1940s Corde Bag, Just listed!

Just listed some great finds onto my Etsy.com site....They include a pair of Women's Salavatore Ferragamo Black Leather Pumps, early 90s, size 7AA and slightly worn but in great shape,,,great for the working Gal....

Freshly posted on Vintage 201's site is a very cute Vintage Blue Woven Raffia hat, made by Everitt. It has a bow tie on the side and sits low to the head with one side a bit raised..this is a beret type of hat and most likely from the 1940s........

Also from the 40s, is this beautiful Genuine Corde' (pronounced CORDAY)bag by Corde'Craft. This bag is 100% nylon and is absolutely gorgeous. It is in Like New Condition with no signs of wear...The detail of the geometric designs and Squiggles is so Fine...the front boasts a Tulip like design that also looks like a sharpened heart shape....

Look out for my next postings which will include a Lovely Vintage Finds, such as:  
  • Roger Van S Bag
  •  Silver foil evening Bags
  • Gold Lame Evening clutches

oh,,,,Gold Lame,,,,can't wait to list!

More Items ready for onwership Below:  Just click on the thumbnail to go to description and to see other photos.  Vintage 201 by Gina